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Asaera Coté

Engaging Narrator & Articulate Vocal Actor

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Commercial Reel
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Audio Book Sample Mystery/Suspense
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eLearning Reel
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Audio Book Sample Corporate
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The Magician's Living Room, Guadalajara, Mexico

About Asaera

Bright, bubbly, joyful, and sophisticated voice actor with a gift of giving expressive life to even the driest material. Possessed of an engaging versatility, an empathetic heart, and an insistent curiosity - all qualities to dynamically give vocal life to your written word.

Presenter. speaker, adult educator, toastmaster, and entrepreneur. Professional designer. writer. director and logistics coordinator for an educational performance troupe. Wildly broad life experience with degrees in Languages and Linguistics, (Theatre minor) and Electronics. Affable and slightly eccentric, can follow directions and loves to tell stories. Has survived near-death experiences.

a voice by your side

With passion and purpose giving voice to words to change the world even if just to bring a smile where there wasn't one.

"I love the way you speak and bring out my words!"

The Wise Wife
00:00 / 00:36

"Not kidding when you said you could turn even dry text interesting... and you do such a great job breathing some life into those lines!"

Rewire Your Habits
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